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The Voice Crying Out from Wilderness ...

In the 1980’s Pastor Victor Rosado, while pastoring a Church residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain, had a deep desire to reach out to other nations. Then the Lord spoke to his heart and IPFA ministries was born. Later on, it was registered in the USA.

From Bahrain due to the nature of his career in Civil Aviation, was transferred to the UAE Abu Dhabi there he started a Bible College that was later transferred to Bahrain.

From there the ministry began reaching out in India and Pakistan.  India Prayer & Fellowship Association (IPFA) is a registered trust in India and started our mission from 4th Nov. '97. A church was built in India and other disciples were trained in Andra Pradesh.

After many travels to Philippines, a ministry (IPFA) International Philippines Fellowship Association was raised with Home base is in Davao City, reaching out to orphans and poor families. The ministry is financed and administered only by Pastor Victor Rosado and Marivic Halupit a God loving and compassionate saint.